It’s a new year and a clean slate. Conversations turn toward phrases like “renewal” “reinvention” and “resolutions.” It’s as if the month of January has a magical whisper. Actually, it does. It’s that inner voice inviting us to ask:

Who do I want to be?
What do I want to say?
And, how will I convey it to the world?

Building a powerful personal brand takes time, intention, and the right tools. But, with so many apps, books, and other people’s opinions swirling around, who we are and what we represent gets muddied. Well, clear your lens and say “hello” to the world with confidence.

Here’s our 2019 guide to building brawn and brand power! Pick what resonates with you and put your personal stamp on everything!

Professional Development 

Awareness is the first step to branding. It’s hard to get better at communicating and interacting with others if you don’t really understand your own strengths and weaknesses, let alone your value proposition.

Even though most people have some self-awareness, oftentimes it isn’t truly 100% accurate. Wouldn’t it be great to get a more reliable assessment? This is why we partner with the Forté Institute.  This assessment really allows you to uncover detailed strengths. We can help you generate detailed reports that provide laser-focus feedback in five different areas. You will get a stunningly accurate picture of strengths and areas to keep an eye on. It’s perfect for setting objectives and uncovering blind spots that could hinder your progress. This way, you can focus on all the right goals!

Learn more information about our assessment tool.

Public Speaking  

I know… you might be a bundle of nerves just thinking about it. But, learning how to “own the room” has distinct advantages. According to The Balance, the mere practice of public speaking evokes an inflection point for career recruiters and hiring managers. Clear articulation, engaging presentation skills, assessing audience needs, as well as stellar writing, reveal your personality – your BRAND.

Our communication courses provide a great training ground so you can take center stage. And, you’re so worth the investment. Don’t wait another year or another month to reflect your voice.

And stay tuned, soon we will be offering public workshops that up until now have only been offered to the most elite companies in the world!

Social Media

The term “brand consistency” refers to the pattern of expression that affects what people think about you and what you’re representing. The more predictable you are in your message with words, design, and offerings, the more opportunity to build awareness and develop trust.

“A once-weekly Twitter post or monthly Instagram photo are not going to accomplish much, if anything,” says Michael Noice, founder of Entrepreneur Coach. “It’s best to focus on two or three carefully chosen social networks and try to be active on them, rather than posting sporadically to a half-dozen.”

Pick your channel and develop and post content consistently. And engage with your community. Be sure to respond to your follower’s comments because reciprocation grows relationships. Try tools like Nimble and Hootsuite to plan out your posts and ensure your presence is consistent even when you’re offline. You can learn more about how to automate your social media presence here and here.

For the Skeptics

Let’s flip the script for a second. If you’re thinking, “I’m not a personal brand,” then you might want to consult with Google. It’s 2019 and your digital DNA is being archived — from the causes that you support to the items that you purchase. And, when we say “brand” we’re referring to the authentic you (not a pretend version). Your values, expertise and voice that you demonstrate to the world. You want to be deliberate in the online information you’re putting out there.

Now that we’re interconnected more than ever before, it’s even easier to take advantage of the plethora of tools available to create your personal brand and help others recognize you. A strong online and offline presence can help you strengthen your network and build your career.

Cheers friends.

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