After applying Hello’s training it was amazing to see that two ideas can coexist and both needs can be met simultaneously.
Young Talent,
Fortune 100 Company
Outstanding at figuring out our needs and designing a well thought-out program. Their ideas are creative and relevant.
Talent Management
I wish I would have had this training as a freshman. I would have had better friendships and a much better transition to college.
Drexel University
Extremely knowledgeable professionals with a unique ability to think at a strategic level while designing and executing practical solutions.
Technology Vendor Partner
Highly knowledgeable and personable experts who have a depth and breath of understanding of  healthcare. They offer a wide variety of relevant sales training programs that are high-quality and sustainable methods.
Leadership Development
Learning how to receive feedback and constructive criticism was scary! Now that I know how to do it, my career has taken off.
Young Talent,
Fortune 100 Company
Consistently delivered exceptional results on multiple projects. They are a pleasure to work with, know the pharmaceutical/ biotech industry very well, and are extremely customer-focused.
Vice President,
Specialty L&D
Unlimited energy and passion for helping organizations and teams exceed their challenging goals… The staff is comprised of rare individuals who see the big picture, and develop programs to help companies deliver results.
Global Brand Alliance Leader
It has truly been a wonderful journey working with Velocity and it is great to see our staff now engaging in conversations that count. We couldn’t have done this without you.
Senior Vice President,
Global Luxury Brand
I’m amazed by the transformation I’ve been seeing since the young talent in my department went through Hello’s 4S™ workshop. We’re now having more meaningful conversations…and I’m not always the one initiating them.
Senior Manager,
Global Pharma Company
By developing the skills provided by Hello™, students are empowered to face difficult conversations and team interactions head on which will be critical to them as they move toward co-op experiences and future careers.
Associate Clinical Professor,
Drexel University
The management team has really felt supported and I can’t thank you enough for your expert coaching throughout this journey. I look forward to continuing to use the skills we learned in the Conversational Excellence program and to see the difference it makes in our organization.
Management Team,
Global Pharma Company
I enjoyed the 4S™ class and it’s the perfect model for my company and my team as we move forward. Thank you for your passion and delivery in class. Truly enjoyed.
Management Team,
Software Development Company